Garage Services

We help you, with our garage services, to keep your car on the road. When you regularly service your car, you won’t have any nasty surprise repairs to do. Having your car regularly serviced can also improve your fuel consumption.

Our mechanics are highly trained and can service all makes and models of cars. We use SureTrack Diagnostics equipment to check for any problems you are having with your car. We can find problems before they become an issue for you.

Our Snap-On Diagnostics equipment is at the heart of our garage services, it has a 4 channel scope making it possible to check more than one component at a time. We are able to diagnose 99% of all faults.

Our garage services are designed to help you with all types of problems you may have with your car, including classic car restoration.

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Garage Services

You can be assured that your local garage, Fahren Autos, have a comprehensive range of garage services. These to help you keep your car on the road and maintain it regularly.

Car Repairs

As part of our garage services, we can also repair your car when things go wrong. No matter how small or big the job is, most of all, we will ensure your car is repaired in a timely fashion and to your satisfaction.

Car Servicing

Keeping your car regularly serviced can avoid problems.

Servicing varies between manufacturers, generally, you should have a yearly (or 10,000 miles) interim service. If your car travels 10,000 miles in less than a year, it is recommended to service your car when it travels 10,000 miles. Your car should have a more comprehensive service every two years (or 20,000 miles). Some modern cars have an extended life of 20,000 miles per year.


Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment helps us discover problems with your car as part of our garage services. We use the Snap-On range of diagnostic equipment. Our equipment has a 4-channel scope consequently,  it is possible to check more than one component at a time. You are assured that as a result, we can diagnose 99% of all faults.

You can be confident that our diagnostics will find any fault your car may have developed. In addition, using the equipment gives us access to Snap-On Suretrack keeping us up to date with the latest technical information.

Our team has years of experience to diagnose problems with your car.  Your car is in good hands, on rare occasions, the equipment cannot detect the problem, we fall back on our experience to resolve the issue. We use, most of all, good old-fashioned motor mechanics. Mechanics, not fitters!

Regular Car Maintenance

Keeping your car regularly maintained is essential. You can contact us to help you with the maintenance of your car. Our car maintenance services include oil changes, air filter changes, air-conditioning top-ups, and cleaning and many more regular maintenance services.

Classic Car Restoration

We can help you with your classic car restoration. From helping you with just a part of the project to taking the entire project on for you. Your classic car will be something you can be proud of. If you are looking for new dashboards and steering wheels, why not have a look in our shop where we have a large range of dashboard kits and steering wheels. Our dashboard sets and steering wheels are all custom made on site from the best materials available. Read more about our classic car restoration service.

Collection and Delivery Service

No matter where you live in the Somerset area, we are able to offer you a collection and delivery service. This saves you having to arrange a lift to and from the garage. Your car will be returned as soon as the work is complete, both collection and delivery service will be at a time convenient to you.

Overnight Repair

Sometimes you need your car and cannot take the time to use our garage services. You are able to request an overnight repair at these times. We will have your car ready for you to travel to work the next morning.

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