Old Fashioned Mechanics

Old Fashioned Mechanics

Kia Sorento

With today’s modern cars and computer technology, you might think fixing cars is a simple matter of plugging a computer in and pushing a few buttons. While we agree using computers might help when diagnosing vehicle problems, that is all they do – help, the rest is experience and knowledge.

For instance, we recently worked on a Kia Sorento. The problem with this car was the engine cut out after 100 miles of driving, leave it for 20 minutes and the car would re-start. Using our diagnostic machine, the indications were the high-pressure pump was at fault. At £1,000 to replace, we decided to investigate further.

After inspecting and testing parts we decided to remove the fuel sender in the tank. This revealed pieces of paint floating around in the fuel. Closer inspection showed that the diesel had reacted with the paint and stripped it off the inside of the tank.

We stripped down the fuel sender and found that the gauze filter was completely blocked. After cleaning the parts and re-fitting the fuel sender, we took the car for a drive and then re-coded the ECU.

While computer diagnostics gave us a starting point, it took good old-fashioned mechanics to look further and instead of replacing we refurbished the part and saved the customer a lot of money.

Here at Fahren Autos we always try to save our customers unnecessary expense and use our skills as mechanics to fix rather than replace.

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Kia Petrol Filter Before
Kia Petrol Filter Before
Kia Dirty Petrol
Kia Petrol Filter After
Kia Petrol Filter BeforeKia Dirty PetrolKia Petrol Filter After

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