Winter Care Tips For Your Car For The Winter Ahead

Winter Care Tips For Your Car For The Winter Ahead

Winter Care Tips For Your Car

Now we are in November the colder weather is not far off.  As we all know our British weather can be unpredictable; road and rail can be shut down by ice, snow and leaves on the line. What no one wants is to be held up by car problems when the weather gets colder. Here are a few things all drivers can do to keep their car running smoothly; our winter care tips for your car.

1. Check your tyres

This is an essential check that should be carried out all year round. In the winter, however, the roads might become slippery due to extra rain, and if it gets cold that rain may turn to ice. So, check your tyres regularly to make sure there is plenty of tread. The legal limit is 1.6 millimetres. It is recommended that you should change your tyres at 3 millimetres as anything less than that will increase your stopping distance in wet weather.

2. Washer Bottles

Car windscreens can get extra dirty during Winter from spray from the roads and you may find yourself using your windscreen washer more frequently. Check the level in your car washer bottle regularly, use a screenwash that won’t freeze and carry spare fluid in the boot of your car. Poor visibility is dangerous and in the darker months ahead will be worse with a dirty windscreen.

3. Radiator

Use antifreeze in your car radiator to stop the cooling system from freezing. You don’t want to be held up on your journey by an over-heated engine, stuck in bad weather far from home. Again, keep some extra ready-mixed coolant in your car just in case.

4. Check your oil

While you are checking the other fluids in your car, do not forget the oil as this keeps the engine running efficiently.

5. Emergency Kit

Just in case you breakdown or get stuck have an emergency kit in your car. This should include a blanket, extra jumper, gloves and hat to keep you warm. A bottle of water and some snacks to keep you going. A first aid kit, a book and a spare mobile phone battery. Also a  shovel in case you need to clear snow from around your tyres.

6. Extra Time

You never know what hold-ups are ahead of your journey in the Winter, so allow extra time. Give yourself extra time to de-ice all your car windows.  It is better to be early for work or an appointment than to be rushing in wet, icy, dangerous conditions – drive safely

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